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Adrenal 90-Discontinued product - See Adrenal Complex

Optimal Support for Adrenal Function - By MBi Nutraceuticals - Molecular Biologics
MBi Nutraceuticals Adrenal-90


Adrenal-90 & 180 support the adrenal gland with adrenal tissue. The
adrenal gland stimulates the nervous system and the metabolic rate.
The ingredients work together to strengthen the adrenal gland and
nervous system.

Adrenal tissue supplementation stimulates and supports the adrenal
gland by releasing active adrenal hormones into the system. These
hormones help the body fight stress and control the metabolism of
proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and stimulate the central nervous


Adrenal-90 and 180 contains lyophilized imported New Zealand adrenal tissue concentrate designed to provide the body with a high concentration of biologically active proteins, hormones, and nucleic acids that are in raw glandular's.

Adrenal-90 contributes to normal development and growth, photochemistry of vision, normal reproduction and integrity of epithelial tissue, promotes healing, facilitates iron and calcium absorption, has antioxidant properties, and assists in the synthesis of neurotransmitters. It is also vital for RNA and fatty acid synthesis and essential for nerve cell transmission, fatty acid metabolism, formation of red blood cells in bone marrow, and synthesis of glycogen.

Adrenal-90 works directly in the transfer of hydrogen, which is necessary in the structure of co-enzyme A (Co A). It is essential for hemoglobin formation, for antibody response, production of steroids by the adrenal glands, for the synthesis of cholesterol, and stimulates and maintains the immune response. It is also essential for normal bone metabolism and many enzyme reactions.

Adrenal-90 is involved in lipid and cholesterol synthesis, normal function of the pancreas and production of sex hormones. It develops B lymphocytes which are vital for the humoral immune system.

Vitamin E protects red blood cells in the blood stream, prolongs the life of all cells and is active in the healing of tissues, organs, lesions of the skin and muscles and GI tract. It is important for the formation of the nucleus of each of the body cells, including RNA and DNA and prevents aging and free radical damage.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Calories 5 <1%
Vitamin E 5 IU 16%
Adrenal Tissue 90 mg **
** Daily Value not established.
New Zealand Freeze Dried Glandulars
Available in 60 and 180 count.

No Additives
This product contains no sugar, starch, salt, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or additives, and no corn,
wheat, yeast, soy, or milk derivatives.

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KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Pregnant or lactating women, diabetics, hypoglycemics, and people with known medical conditions and/or taking drugs should consult with a licensed physician and/or pharmacist prior to taking dietary supplements.

Double safety sealed with an outer shrink wrap film and an inner bottle freshness seal. Do
not use if either seal is broken or missing. Store in a cool, dry place.

Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease. Always consult with your professional health care provider before changing any medication.

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