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Wellness Testing
Wellness Analysis    Hair Mineral Analysis   Free Health Appraisal

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Hair Mineral Analysis

  • Determines Mineral Deficiencies and Imbalances
  • Identifies Toxic Metal Accumulation
  • Provides Blueprint of Past and Present Nutritional Metabolic Activity
  • Offers Nutritional Programs to Help You Rebalance Your Body Chemistry
  • Price includes Phone Consultation with Nutritionist with 25 years experience

Trace Nutrient Products
By Trace Elements

Basic Profile 1

  • 2 page graphic results of 29 essential minerals and 8 toxic metals including lead, mercury and aluminum

  • Identifies your metabolic type

  • Significant mineral and toxic metal ratios

  • Includes 15 minute phone consultation to review report and answer questions


Comprehensive Profile 2

  • 2 page graphic results of 29 essential minerals and 8 toxic metals including lead, mercury and aluminum

  • Comprehensive interpretation of results, 10 to 15 pages

  • Dietary suggestions

  • Includes 30 minute phone consultation to review report and answer questions


What is Hair Mineral Analysis?

Hair mineral analysis is a highly sophisticated technical procedure performed by a licensed clinical laboratory using the latest state-of -the-art equipment.

Hair Analysis Lab ReportHair mineral analysis provides an accurate screening device for determining mineral imbalances, deficiencies, or any excess of the essential minerals. In addition, and equally important, hair mineral analysis determines if toxic metals, such as lead, aluminum, and cadmium have accumulated in the body.

This is possible due to the fact that hair is formed from clusters of matrix cells that make up the follicles. During the growth phase, the hair is exposed to the internal metabolic environment such as the circulating blood, lymph, and extra-cellular fluids. As the hair continues to grow and reaches the surface of the scalp, its outer layers harden, locking in the metabolic products accumulated during this period of hair formation. This biological process provides a blueprint of past and present nutritional metabolic activity.

Why Test For Minerals?

Minerals can be considered more important than vitamins in that they cannot be manufactured by the body. Minerals are the spark plugs in the chemistry of life. Without optimum mineral levels in the body, the other nutrients are not effectively utilized. Minerals are also necessary in the production of hormones and for the proper enzyme activity.

Hair analysis can identify malabsorption problems caused by the digestive disorders or lack of hydrochloric acid. For example, a disturbance in the absorption of protein, even though calcium is plentiful, can contribute to osteoporosis. This is because 97% of the bone matrix is made up of protein.

How Does Hair Mineral Analysis Compare With Blood Analysis?

Blood tests can only measure levels occurring at the time of testing. The levels fluctuate with the time of the day the blood sample is drawn, any foods eaten prior to taking a sample, and even emotional changes. The blood seeks to maintain its biochemical balance even at the expense of organ and body structures. For example, a blood test will indicate normal calcium levels, even when the bones are demineralized.

The metabolic dysfunctions that occur from mineral imbalances can be predicted even before abnormalities are detected in the blood. The hair is more indicative of long term and often short term exposure and provides a more permanent history of a person's intake, environmental exposure and other factors.

What Can I Expect From My Hair Mineral Analysis?

You will received a personalized, comprehensive report of your test results that include:

  • Mineral levels, identifying those in high, low or normal ranges
  • Methods to correct and reduce toxic metal accumulation in your body.
  • Explanation of the results in an easy to follow format.
  • Nutritional and dietary program designed to rebalance your body chemistry.
  • Phone consultation after the results are received.

I Am Interested, What Should I Do Next?

A hair sample is easily taken from the middle to lower back of the head, where the most recent hair growth has occurred. Approximately one heaping tablespoon of hair is needed to complete the testing. If hair is short, thinning scissors can be used to collect the proper amount. Simply place the scissors next to the scalp in the back of the head, and cut enough for the sample.

Step 1.  A hair sample is easily taken from the middle to lower back of the head, at the nape of the neck
             where the most recent hair growth has occurred.

Step 2.  Approximately one heaping tablespoon of hair is needed for testing.  Lay out a tablespoon and fill
             it with hair, and then add just a little more.

Step 3.  Place hair sample in a clean envelope or zip lock bag.

Step 4.  Put hair sample in a larger letter envelope along with a check in the amount of $55.00 or $85.00 made out to
             "Fern's Nutrition" or include a credit card number for payment.

Step 5.  On a separate piece of paper write your:

             Phone number
             Current shampoo

Step 6.  Mail the hair sample and above information to:

             Fern's Nutrition
             16932 Gothard, Suite H
             Huntington Beach, CA 92647

For questions or more information for this accurate and affordable test
please call
800-229-3376. Ask for Ron.

Ron Nicklaw, CNC (1996) (BS,MBA)

Certified Nutrition Consultant
Member of A.A.N.C. -  American Association of Nutrition Consultants

Over 30 Years Experience in Nutrition Field

Completed Programs in "New Perspectives in Nutritional Therapy",
"Meeting the Needs of Today's Women", "Prevention of the Diseases of Aging", and "Advances in Clinical Nutrition".

Areas of Specialty include: Hair Mineral Analysis, Body pH Balance,
Cardiovascular Health, Immune Health, and Men's Health


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