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Meridian Complex

Meridian Complexes are combinations of plant, animal and mineral substances that have an influence upon the energy flow within the acupuncture meridians. Traditional Chinese acupuncture defines illness as an excess or deficiency of energy within a meridian. The main effect of these complexes is release and regulation of blocked energy circulation within the acupuncture meridians.
Organs and meridians are closely related. The energetics of the meridians effect specific neurological reflexes before having a final effect on the organ. Put another way, the neurological system acts as a switching substation for energy transferred to specific end organs.
The acupuncture pulses are a direct electrical reflection of the status of the neurological switching control system of each organ. Making a change in the energetics of the meridian is reflected in the neurological switching control system (substation) and in the end organ system. This phenomenom gives us the pulses and other acupuncture points for diagnoses as well as measuring points for effectiveness of treatment.
An adequate flow of energy is necessary for healing. These meridian complexes can be used to alter acupuncture meridian energies effecting both the neurological substations and the end organs of the meridian.

Heart Drops - Regulates energy flow through the heart meridian, and affects the primary organ, the heart. Conditions arising due to energetic disturbances on the course of the heart meridian, such as: constipation, angina, (radiating down the left arm, into the neck and lower jaw, and in some cases, the left side of the face), globus hystericus, cardiogenic depression.

Kidney Drops - Useful in kidney disorders such as nephritis, pyelonephritis, nephrosis

Pericardium Drops - Regulates energy flow in the pericardium meridian and thereby affects the primary organs, the circulatory system. Disorders due to disturbed flow on the pericardium meridian, such as: Circulatory disorders, in the upper arms, cardiac disorders, stomach disorders. On the basis of its energetic effects NDMC08-10 is useful as an adjuvant in the treatment of vascular disorders such as hypotension, peripheral ischemia, Raynaud's syndrome, etc.

Small Intestine Drops - Regulates energy flow in the small intestines meridian and thereby influences the primary organ (the small intestine). Energetic disturbances occurring along the course of the small intestine meridian, such as: Shoulder-arm syndrome, Bursitis, cervical syndrome, lymphangitis affecting the submandibular lymph nodes, trigeminal neuralgia in the 2nd and 3rd divisions of the trigeminal nerve, low blood pressure, cardiac dysfunction, hearing disorders, conjunctivitis, gastric dysfunction. MC09-01 is suitable for use as an adjuvant in the treatment of clinically obvious small intestine disease such as Crohn's and other similar symptoms.

Triple Warmer Drops - Regulates energy flow in the triple warmer meridian and thereby affects the primary organ, the endocrine glands.

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