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Introducing Dr. Rath's
New Product Line

Dr. Rath Products

Synergistic Combination of Key Nutrients


Dr. Rath Products
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Balance Control
Temporarily Out of Stock
 7.41 oz. $39.90 $31.92 Click to Purchase
Temporarily Out of Stock
 180C $49.95 $39.96 Click to Purchase
Cardio Multi Vitamin
Available Now !!
 90T $39.90 $31.95 Click to Purchase
Femicell  60C $25.60 $20.48 Click to Purchase
Healthy Blood Pressure
Temporarily Out of Stock
 120T $43.90 $34.95 Click to Purchase
Healthy Blood Sugar
Temporarily Out of Stock
 120T $46.90 $37.52 Click to Purchase
Healthy Bones
Temporarily Out of Stock
 120T $45.90  $36.72 Click to Purchase
Healthy Cell Growth  180C $54.90 $43.92 Click to Purchase
Healthy Cholesterol  120T $39.90 $31.92 Click to Purchase
Healthy Collagen
Available Now !!
under the ProLysin C Label
Exactly Same Formula
 90T $29.90 $23.95 Click to Purchase
Healthy Heart Energy
Temporarily Out of Stock
 120T $39.90 $31.92 Click to Purchase
Healthy Immune Support
Temporarily Out of Stock
 120T $43.90 $35.12 Click to Purchase
Illioforte  90C $25.60 $20.48 Click to Purchase
Lensivit  60C $25.60 $20.48 Click to Purchase
LysinC Drink Mix 1.1 lb $39.90 $31.95 Click to Purchase
Phytobiologicals Basic Formula
Temporarily Out of Stock
 60C $43.20 $34.56 Click to Purchase
VitaCforte  90T $23.90 $19.15 Click to Purchase
Book - "Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks -- But People Do!

Summarizes the world renowned Dr. Rath's breakthrough discoveries. Easy to understand explanation of heart disease and cellular health. - 319 pages

Special Price: $3.95
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Matthias Rath, M.D.
The Discoverer of a new Approach to Health

The Dr. Rath Cellular Health Formulas are unique in addressing the function of billions of cells, the building blocks of our body and its organs. Optimum function of these cells determines whether we are healthy or are susceptible to diseases. Although the cells building the different organs have different appearances and play specific roles in our body, all of them require vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients to sustain life. These micronutrients are needed as biocatalysts for the production of cellular energy to support normal cell growth, build cellular structures, produce strong connective tissue, hormones, and antibodies and to perform other biological functions essential for optimum health.

The Dr. Rath Cellular Health Formulas reflect
a new understanding of the
foundation of health based on
Dr. Rath’s breakthrough discoveries.

Unique Formulas

These formulas are unique in applying Nutrient Synergy, a comprehensive new understanding of the positive interactions of micronutrients in cell metabolism. Synergy allows achievement of better biological effects with lower doses of individual components and keeps cellular metabolism in a health sustaining balance.


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